Member Node is SOLD OUT

The Node is our community token - 1,000 NFTs which grant both physical and digital utilities to its holders.


About the NFT Factory

The NFT Factory, a unique and hybrid 400m2 space in central Paris, will welcome corporates, entrepreneurs, artists, investors and the general public to discover, connect & build around NFTs and the Web3.

Get your NFT Membership

The Member Node will have all the utilities listed below

as soon as we open our Hub in Paris this Autumn.

1. Exclusive access to NFT pre-sales

Access to a new series of NFTs every other month

2. Access to the member area

To build, connect and discover with the NFT Factory Community

3. Access to NFT Factory Events

Early bird registration to regular events & dedicated events for members

4. Discount on training sessions

Become an expert in Web3 with the NFT Factory

And we have already planned additional surprises along the way!


NFT Factory X Obvious

The Member Node

The concept of nodes has always been at the center of scientific explorations, from mathematics with the node theory to designating a key component of the blockchain.

The Members Node, symbol of the link within the NFT ecosystem, represents the crucial role each member of the community plays in bringing the movement towards its goal.

Each community node is essential for the system as a whole to function, and each new node adds up to the chain, and participates in writing the immutable history.

Drop Timeline

Get your spot!

2 June - 17 June

Allowlist for the Private Sale (i.e. getting some people pre-approved for the Private Sale). 

Private Mint

23-26 June

Private Sale of 475 Member Nodes to the wallets which have been pre-approved and are in the Allowlist.

Public Mint

27 June

Public Sale of 525+ Member Nodes.


How to buy NFTs ?

1 - Create your wallet 

If you don’t have any yet, you shall start by creating a wallet  on Metamask or any other non-custodial wallets.This crypto wallet will allow you to buy, sell, and hold NFTs as well as cryptocurrencies very easily. 

In the long run, please remember that you should own your keys if you really want to own your cryptos and NFTs, and the best solution to do that is to have a hardware wallet, like a Ledger.


2 - Buy Ethereum

Once you have created your Metamask wallet, you can buy some Ethereum on many websites. The most well known ones are Binance and Coinbase.

To make sure you have enough to mint your NFT Factory Node, we advise you to buy 0.25 ETH to cover transaction fees (0.20 for the Node and 0.05 for the transaction fee which can vary a lot from day to another). 

The last step is for you to send your crypto from Binance or Coinbase back to your Metamask wallet. (make sure you pick the right network: Ethereum Network).


3 - See your NFT

Go to Opensea > My profile > and you can now see your wonderful NFT Factory Member Node !


What is the NFT Factory community token?

The NFT Factory Member Node is a non-fungible token giving its holders the status of official member of the NFT Factory. 

What is the purpose of this community token?

The purpose of this token is to gather the NFT community in France with a NFT that grants both physical and digital utility to its holders.

What is the Founder Node?

The NFT Factory was launched by a collective of pioneers from the Web3 space. Tech and Crypto leaders, Artists and Investors from companies including Allianz Accelerator, Arianee, Blackpool, LaCollection, Dogami, Ethereum France, Galeries Lafayette Group, Ledger, Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA), the NFT Morning Podcast, RTFKT Studios, The Sandbox and Sorare. 

As such, the NFT Factory is a unique initiative, built from scratch by a community of leaders who strongly believe that NFTs will generate endless opportunities and that we need to work together to build (in) the Web3. Each Co-Founder has invested both time and money in the NFT Factory and will be given a Founder Node.

What is the utility of the Member Node?

The Members Node will have 5 main utilities listed below as soon as we open our Hub in Paris this autumn: 
- Access to NFT pre-sales
- Early registration to NFT Factory Events
- Member discount on training sessions
- Access to hot desks (via our booking system) 
- Access to our private community Discord 

And we have already planned additional perks and surprises along the way!

Which Blockchain will be used and what type of token is it?

This token will drop on the Ethereum blockchain and will use the ERC-1155 standard.

When is the drop?

  • Private sale is scheduled for Thursday 23/06/2022 at 12.00 noon CET time 
  • Public sale is scheduled for Monday 27/06/2022 at 12.00 noon CET time

What is the Mint Price?

The token will cost 0.2ETH both in the Private and Public Sales.

What is the total supply?

We have a total supply of 1,000 Member Nodes available.

What are the secondary market royalties?

The royalties for secondary sales are aligned with market best practices, at 10% (5% to the Art Collective who designed the token, Obvious, and 5% for the NFT Factory.).

Is there an official Discord for the mint?

Yes, there is only one official Discord of the NFT Factory.

What are the maximum mints per wallet?

Every wallet will be allowed to mint only 1 Member Node.

What intellectual property rights do NFT Factory Member Node holders receive?

Full commercial rights are granted to the holder of this NFT.

What are the funds being used for?

The funds will be used to pay for our Hub in Paris and for our upcoming projects.

Is there a roadmap?

Yes, you can find the roadmap on our website. We’re working hard to offer our Member Node holders and our community many opportunities starting with the Pop Up Event in July.

Who is on the team?

You can see the NFT Factory team members by visiting our website.

Who did the art of the token ?

The Art Collective Obvious created the Member Node.

Huge thanks to them!

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